Church Street Brewing Company Tap Takeover

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 5:00pm

Church Street beer is craft brewed in Itasca – a western suburb of Chicago.They strive to brew traditional and unpretentious lagers and ales that represent the old and new beer styles of European influence. A family business built on a dream to make quality beer for loyal clientele. Ray's is honored to be apart of welcoming a new group of loyal Church followers by being one of the first to bring them in for a Wisconsin Tap Takeover.

Tap List for the eve:

Itascafest Marzen – “A truly traditional German Märzen/Oktoberfest featuring a pure amber clarity. A subtle toasty aroma with a hint of caramel, and a rich, deep malt character fully fleshed out with a double-decoction mash and Weyermann's world class German malt.”

Heavenly Helles – “One of Germany's quintessential beverages. Utilizing old world decoction-mashing techniques for a truly unique sweet malt character, this gentle drink also features a straw colored-clarity that's clearly heavenly!”

Devil’s Advocate Belgian Ale – “What happens when you take a ton (literally) of Pilsen malt, put it through a decoction mash, boil it up, add 500 lbs of Belgian Candi and Cane Sugars and then add Belgian yeast? The answer: A spicy, sweet, and dangerously drinkable Belgian golden ale.”

Barrel-Aged Pontificator Doppelbock – “A dark-ruby colored treat that is noticeably malty and sweet. Double decoction and a heap of Weyermann Caramunich malt make for a caramel aroma rich beverage with subtle fruity notes of prune and grape. This dopplebock is a full-bodied beer that goes down with a smooth warmth.”

Amber Sour – “They use their traditional German Oktoberfest and soured it. The beer still has the body and taste of the Itascafest but now with an amazing tartness on the backend. Rich, malty and bold, with a little lip puckering kick at the end.”

Jucifer – “A hazy IPA with an absolutely sinister amalgamation of hops, featuring Citra, mosaic, Galaxy, and Falconer's Flight. Almost entirely Whirlpool and dry hop additions with a pinch of lactose for a soft and thick body.”


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