Cocktail & Food Pairing Extravaganza featuring Cutwater Spirits

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 6:30pm, $25

Join the Cutwater team for an educational sensory experience featuring their award-winning spirits developed by University of California San Diego teacher, published author, Palate Trip co-creator and their Director of Quality, Gwen Conley. Cutwater reps Nate and Matt will guide you through the flavor profiles of some of their premium spirits and teach you to pair them with foods like a pro, with a variety of specially selected snacks to munch on. Featuring the following spirits, cocktails and food pairings: The Paloma will be paired with fresh red bell pepper, chocolate covered pretzels and chorizo, the Vodka Mule will be paired with yellow Gouda and salt & vinegar Kettle Chips, the Elderflower Spritz will be paired with glazed doughnuts and pineapple, the Whiskey Lemon Tea will be paired with yellow Gouda, chocolate covered pretzels, salt & vinegar Kettle Chips, the Bali Hai Tiki Gold Pineapple-Coconut Rum will be paired with green apple, glazed doughnuts and chorizo, the Black Skimmer Rye will be paired with green apple, red bell pepper and salt & vinegar Kettle Chips, the Devil’s Share American Whiskey will be paired with chocolate covered pretzels, wasabi and chorizo, and the Horchata Vodka will be paired with apples, chocolate covered pretzels and salt & vinegar Kettle Chips. You’ll have to try them all to believe them!

48 hour cancellation policy is in effect! For further questions or inquiry, please email Sara at, or call the store at 414-258-9821

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