Organic, Natural and Biodynamic Wines

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 6:30pm, $25

Every day we field questions about organic and natural wines here in the RAY-borhood. Consumers thirst for more knowledge about these wines, yet the labels and marketing behind them can be admittedly rather confusing. This evening, Ray’s own Wine and Spirits Director Nate Norfolk, along with Justin Spaller, owner of Chromatic Wine Company (a local wholesaler that exclusively carries natural and organic wines), will get to the bottom of all of it, and examine the differences between certified organic wines and those that are marketed as natural. We will feature wines that cover a vast array of styles and flavor profiles, but all fit in the category of natural wine. Some of the producers you may already be familiar with, such as Meinklang and Broc Cellars. Others will no doubt be new to you, as they are brand new to the market here in Wisconsin as well!

48 hour cancellation policy is in effect! For further questions or inquiry, please email Sara at, or call the store at 414-258-9821

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