Ray's Malört Fest

Saturday, July 27, 2019 3:00pm

Jeppson’s Malört is for making friends, and on Saturday, July 27th, Ray’s Growler Gallery® and Jeppson’s is creating a safe space for Chicago and Milwaukee baseball fans to tailgate together like old drinking buddies. While beer is the best olive branch we can extend as Milwaukeeans, Chicago will be represented by a spirit about as unique as their sports history, because in all the world there is no liquor quite like Jeppson’s. The beer list will be made up by some of the best of Milwaukee and Chicago area breweries while A Chicago Citrus Slushie and Uncle Carl’s Happy Boilermakers (A shot of Malört and Pint of Happy Place) will be featured that day. Jeppson’s Malört Ambassador Matthew Roy will be offering up free Chicago style hotdogs and Jeppson’s swag starting at 3pm!

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