Growing up, I never expected to be a part of the fabric that makes up the beverage industry. My parents rarely, if ever, drank, my nights were filled with movies, videos games and many rounds of Magic the Gathering with friends, and graduating from college with a degree in IT Management, I had always pictured getting a nice office job at a development company. So how did I end up working at a fantastic, local liquor store in Wauwatosa?

One word: Whiskey.

I stumbled upon the enticing entrance to this spirit purely by accident, but once I stepped gingerly onto the lightly toasted, heavily charred new oak planks that make up the bedrock of this amber nectar, I was hooked. Reading articles, researching great whiskey bars, buying bottles, posting on forums, and eventually employment at Ray’s. Some would say I dove in the deep end, liver first.

The idea of this blog is to pass on the knowledge that I have gained thus far, as well as exercise my palate and expand my horizons. Providing reviews, sharing news, telling stories, and exploring the universe that exists beyond my current ambrosia.

I encourage you to stop by the store and chat, ask questions, and leave comments. I wholeheartedly hope that you find these articles educational and insightful, and perhaps discover some new favorites along the way!

- Eric

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